10 Reasons Your School Needs A Yearbook This Year

To students, the yearbook is a book that houses images of all the events and people who made their years in school special and they will get a sense of the importance of owning a yearbook. It captures memories frozen in time, events that happened, faces that change inevitably and memories that may only be remembered again by opening the cover.

You can’t see the same things while scrolling through social media, and that is why a yearbook is a necessity. They will never go out of style and will always be a treat when came across, no matter how old their users grow. The yearbook will always serve its same purpose that can never be quite replicated anyplace else.

Parents seem to get as excited about the yearbook as the kids do - sometimes even more. They enjoy seeing how their kid’s childhood friends have changed. They want to remember their school years, too and they probably have a good understanding of how a yearbook possesses inherent value. The first look at a yearbook is fun and exciting, often marking the end of a school year. But the moment a yearbook is opened years later, a flood of all types of memories will resurface. You may not realize now how remarkably valuable a yearbook is and will be in the future, but trust this - having one from each year of school will not be something anybody will regret.

Clearly, the memories a yearbook captures must be as relevant in June when the book comes out as in 20 or 30 years. So many events occur during a school year that scenes from the Christmas party seem like a distant memory in June.

With that in mind, what is the real purpose of the yearbook? With Facebook and WhatsApp and easily shared digital photos, why do people still care about the yearbook? Is it the perfect place to write heartfelt sentiments about friendship? Is it the proper forum to address controversial issues? And is it an accurate reflection of the people who not only immersed themselves in sports and clubs?

The straightforward answer is that the yearbook is a publication that reflects the events and lives of people involved with a school during that given year. Historically, yearbooks were little more than picture books, often including literary works and art. With the explosion of desktop publishing in the last few decades, yearbooks have become even more journalistic, reflecting not only the design and photographic capabilities now available, but including coverage that showcases everything from reporting of events to first-person profiles.

In these ways, the yearbook still fulfils some standard roles: it is a memory book, a history book, a record book, and/or a reference book. Some also believe that it is a school’s public relations tool. While a yearbook should be all of the above, we would like to add three adjectives to the list of things a yearbook should be: honest, thorough, and accurate.

One may wonder how you can be honest in your coverage and still serve as a “public relations” tool. Sounds contradictory right? The beauty of the yearbook is that the school management and student body can choose to cover specific topics in their school life without having to cover every aspect. The yearbook when looked at many years later should be more than a book where future generations look at and humour outdated fashion and hairstyles. 

If you are still yet to decide whether your school should do a yearbook this year, here are 10 reasons why we thoroughly believe you should.

1.     It gives a sense of belonging and serves as a seal of membership to their prestigious school. It is a souvenir they will be honoured to show the world that they belong to your school.

2.     Your students get to remember their friends when they were at school. After graduation, not everybody remains in close contact. Most students get to meet again only at a reunion about 20 years later. It brings back fond memories when they can open pages of the yearbook and see their friends from school.

3.     You get a chance to celebrate the outstanding students with features of their academic excellence, achievements, and creations.

4.     Everybody gets to look back at what they were wearing and what hairstyles were fashionable, and probably wonder what they were thinking.

5.     In years to come, students can prove that they went to school with a famous person.

6.     Students get to remember their teachers and bring back fond memories.

7.     When there is a school reunion in future, they get to see if people followed their ‘in 10 years’ time I’ll be…’ ambitions.

8.     In future, enjoy looking back and getting nostalgic. A yearbook is a memory book too.

9.     Make a profit. The yearbook is funded by the students, and any surplus monies remaining after the production could be donated to a school project.

10. All your competition produce yearbooks, so why be left out.

A yearbook takes people back to their favourite school memories. Do not allow your students miss out on the many benefits of having a yearbook. Talk to us about how you can produce a yearbook that will be cherished for a long time.