6 Ways To Play With Colours On Your Website To Increase Conversions

It is scientifically proven that colour influences our attitudes and emotions. The communication process begins from the eyes and send signals to the brain, from the brain to the hypothalamus, then to the pituitary gland, from the pituitary gland to the endocrine system, and finally to the thyroid glands which is responsible for our emotions and behaviours.

The choice of colours on your website can influence conversions. Hence, use the right colours to get the most from your website.

Colour psychology is the science of how colour affects human behaviour. We will relate the concept of colour psychology to how it comes to play in website design. This includes the entire colour scheme of the website.

Using the right colour the right way and for the right purpose can make a huge difference. For example, if you are selling a product for children, you do not want your website to be black.

These few tips can guide you on the right colour scheme to apply to your website to increase conversions:

1. Women do not respond to dull colours like gray, brown and orange. Colours like blue, green, and purple could work for women.

35% of women say colour blue is their favourite. Purple, 23% say is their favourite while 14% went with green. On colours they do not like, 33% of women mentioned orange as their least favourite, 33% others said brown does not do it for them while 17% said gray is not a favourite.

Other studies have revealed women’s preference for primary colours with tints. Any website that has women as its target audience and desires to use its website to create conversions should use a colour theme comprising primary colours with a tint including green and purple. This can be evident in the website for Women’s Day, they use a mix of the favourite colours of women – blue, purple and green. 

2. Blue, green, and black work for men. Men dislike purple, orange, and brown.

As much as we think men do not consider colours and are indifferent about things like this, the concept of colour psychology comes to play with men.

The colours that are widely appreciated by men are blue, green, and black. Most men would tell you they do not like purple, orange and brown.

If your target market is men, colours to avoid would be purple, orange, and brown. The colours that will work for your website would be blue, green, and black.

3. Blue builds trust.

Using blue on your website has a way of cultivating the trust of your users. Blue is a colour that is widely loved.

Blue is a colour of trust and loyalty. The colour comes across with moods of calmness and serenity.

Corporate America uses blue. Facebook, the most used social network, is blue.

You can use this acceptance of the blue colour to your advantage on your landing pages.

4. Green works well for products associated with the environment.

Green is essentially a symbol of nature. Green is an eco-friendly colour. What comes to mind naturally with green colour is nature and the environment.

Another attribute of the colour green is that it improves creativity. When exposed to green colour, it was noticed that participants became more creative with their work.

If your product or services has anything to do with the environment or outdoors, you may want to play with a green coloured theme.

5. Orange is a fun colour that sparks a feeling of haste or impulse.

Orange is associated with fun. The colour can stimulate physical activity or competitiveness.

If you notice, sports teams use a lot of orange and children’s products do same too.

Orange stimulates one to action. Amazon.com uses orange in their “limited time offer” banner. This is proof that the colour sparks a sense of urgency and has the ability to move one to action. 

6. Colour black suggests luxury and value.

Colour psychologists say that the darker the tone, the more lux it is.

Black is a colour of elegance and sophistication. Black is timeless. Black is classy. Black is mature.

Luxury brands make use of this significance of black colour in their designs. They do not go for fun or happy colours, but stick with black for their websites and even products.

Lamborghini uses black. If you are selling high-value products, black would be the colour of your choice.

There is so much you can achieve with colour. The internet already is a colourful place. Using colour the right way can make all the difference for your website.

If you are looking to use your website to convert users to clients, master the art of using colour the right way, at the right time, with the right audience, and for the right purpose.