How to Get Students to Adjust to School Life After a Holiday

How to Get Students to Adjust to School Life After a Holiday

Change is not always easy. Returning to school from a holiday is not an easy transition for some students. During the holiday, they got used to another routine, and now they are back to school all that must change. They got used to a laid-back routine and may now find it difficult to get back to waking up early and having an upbeat routine. Expect to see students who are cranky, not cooperative, and reserved because their holiday routine has been disrupted.

As educators, you can play a major role in helping students get through the awkwardness of returning to school. Make the first day of school as pleasant as possible for everyone. Here are a few ideas you can adopt to make the return to school as smooth as possible for your students.

Think back to your first day back in school and remember the frustrations you faced and what would helped make it better. Channel those techniques to make your students feel welcomed back to school. Let your students know that you are glad to see them. Take the time to reconnect with each student so that they know that they are a valued member of the class and that their well-being is important to you.

Have extra books, papers, pens, and other materials on hand for those students who were not very prepared to return to school.

If your students are of age to communicate effectively by writing, engage them to write about their holiday. The things they write will give you valuable insight into the activities of their holiday. 

Have students use a checklist to work through the normal class routines on the first day. This will not only remind them of what they need to do but will also get them back into the habit of working in a purposeful manner.

Plan activities that are pleasant.  Brief games, small group discussions, and other similar strategies are ones that can gradually and successfully reintroduce students to class routines without creating more stress.

Engage in taking photos and videos of your students as a sign of celebrating the new term and the new milestone in their academic pursuit. Photos can be printed on paper and displayed in the classroom, shared on the school website, or sent as newsletters.

It is a new term, you can set the tone for the term as you get the students involved in the planning. Make it fun by asking them to share their resolutions for the new term and make predictions about the term. As a team, you can all develop resolutions for the class, such as goals for completing homework, improving reading habits, or keeping the class tidy at the end of each day.