Strategic Branding - Design Process

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  • The Process
  • 01. Discover

    We will gather all necessary information about your school. We will garner insights about your school’s past, present, and future through in-depth management interviews. A detailed competitive analysis will be conducted, an audience and market research will also be conducted. Data received from all these researches will be used to write a brand story which will accentuate your uniqueness and establish your positioning in the market.

  • 02. Design

    The DucoBrands team will generate the big idea that will achieve our key strategic objectives. We will arrive at a concept that will excite and engage your target audiences and amp up your school's revenue.

  • 03. Build

    The big idea begins to come to life. Our magnificent team will deliver your new brand that will place you on top of all your competitors.

  • 04. Review

    We review to ensure the strategy is well explicated. We will schedule frequent reviews and updates with you as we go.

  • 05. Deploy

    It is all done! Your super brand is ready. Now it's time to sit back, relax, and bask in all the praise you'll receive for creating such a fantastic brand.

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