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Since majority of the earth’s population make use of the internet, a website is the best way to tell the world about your school. A website is a great tool to provide useful information about your school and convince your audience that you provide the best educational solutions. It is an opportunity to explain why you deserve their confidence and trust. We will build your website to effectively communicate with your audience and accentuate the uniqueness of your school. We're proud to be working with independent private schools across Nigeria. Ranging from large boarding schools in Lagos, to international schools in Port Harcourt, and independent co-educational schools in Kaduna, we help schools of all sizes market and connect their school community online.

Creating Wireframes

The first step to building a website is the wireframe. The wireframe is a page schematic or screen blueprint. It is the skeletal framework of the website. The purpose of the wireframes is to arrange elements to best accomplish a purpose. To build the wireframe, you need to define the user personas. Create fictitious characters to represent your site visitors, this helps in building a website that gives a friendly user experience. When you know your users on a personal level – their name, age, background, educational level, and browsing device – you will know the ingredients to employ to give them a fantastic user experience.

The user persona analysis is very important when you are building the wireframes. It will aid in mapping out the structure of the website. Understanding your users will make you know how they will navigate the website and help you know where to place which content. Though very hectic and time consuming to create, the wireframe is very vital for designing a professional website for your school.

Crafting Appropriate Content

To achieve actionable results from your website, crafting great content that engage users is inevitable. Having great content is not the end, the placement of the content on the website is paramount to the overall user experience. Knowing where to place what appropriately will aid visibility and interaction by your users. Your website content should be strategically positioned and sensibly aligned with the rest of the elements on the webpages.

It is important for your content to be consistent with your brand personality. Your brand messaging should be unified to connect with your audience on all online platforms your school engages.

Optimized Content for the Most Effective Landing Pages

The user’s point of entry into your website, known as the landing page, should be captivating and well thought out as this is the first interaction you will make with your potential customers. The last place you want to lose potential customers is at first glance. The content your audience sees on your landing page could influence their decision to enrol in your school or look around for other options.

To turn your web visitors to customers, your landing page must have a descriptive and concise header, highlight why your school is the best option, and ensure your call-to-action is compelling.

Design Process

DucoBrands will make this an extremely exciting process for you. From day one to the day your new website goes live, our development and support teams are here for you. DucoBrands professional and compassionate team is here to bring your ideas to life digitally.

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